Box club

Opening hours

Starting on Monday 31.5. we train again at Hit Fit, Seifertova 49, every day at 18:00, on Tuesdaz we train at 19:00.

Just happened

  • Two of our fighters had a good fight in Italian Ferrara.
  • Andy Kramarenko has won the fight at the evening gala in Mladá Boleslav. Congratulations!
  • Andy Kramarenko has won the bronze and Jarda Dorgopolov the silver medal on the Czech Championship of boxing in the Elite category.
  • Fourth edition
    of Box under the sky was organized in Praha - Ohrada on the 26th June 2016.



Fourth round
of Czech National League of Boxing of the season 2019/2020 will be held in Jičín.


Next round
of Czech National League of Boxing of this season will be held in Dřetovice.


Sixth round
of the Czech National League of Boxing of this season will be held in Nové Strašecí.

Where you can find us and info


The Fitness Club at Seifertova street 49, Praha 3 - Žižkov.
telephone sig. Tišer: 775950539

  • We invite you to practice boxing under the lead of Stanislav Tišer. An experienced boxer who represented Czechoslovakia and held several Czech championship titles in boxing
  • Come and see that you can learn technical type of fighting and beautiful fist fencing in a short time
  • Your condition will improve and you will gain healthy self-confidence
  • We invite athletes or non-athletes, women or men of all ages, to practice boxing every day
  • In our boxing school there are boys and girls and no one who does not want is forced to compete with anybody. During the training you are not in personal contact with other gymnasts. The motoric elements of box workout are great excercise to achieve a slender figure
  • Tiser’s school of boxing is also open through all national holidays. Come to exercise with your son or daughter
  • There is a possibility to compete in junior or senior category of National Boxing League
  • In Boxclub Žižkov there is a friendly atmosphere. One of the greatest advantage is that you can train (workout) whenever ir suits you and for how long you want. You will find beginners and advanced boxers traing together, so you can also find yours' way
  • You will see that in one month you can learn many things. Your condition and technique will become better and better very quickly. You will notice improvement in a very short time!